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Classic Focused Metropolis Analog Globetrotter Galaxy


Title: A very awesome song

Artist: Some great artists

Album: A legendary album

Duration: will be an endless experience

15 min left
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You can also control the music with any Spotify App! Just select Relaxing Clock in Spotify Connect!

Pro Tip: Right click on the play button to skip tracks; scroll with the mouse wheel on the player to set the volume.

Set an alarm

Set an alarm that wakes you up with beautiful colors. And don't worry if you accidentally close the tab, I'll keep that in mind :)

Send a notification when the alarm rings

I can send you a notification if you are doing something else and you don't have Relaxing Clock opened in front of you

Pomodoro Timer
Start the timer
Longer sessions
Send a notification on each cycle

The Pomodoro Timer efficiently splits your workflow into a 25-minutes working session and a 5-minutes break. Relaxing Clock can also set a longer 45/15-minutes session if you really are an hard-worker

High contrast
Keep the colors vibrant

Keep the colors bright and vivid when the screen saver is active, super useful if you want Relaxing Clock to shine

Accurate time
Get time from the internet

We use ipapi.co to guess your position based on where you are connecting from. This is not 100% reliable, especially if you are connecting with a VPN