FAQ - Relaxing Clock

“Does this website use my Spotify account in any bad way?”

No! :) This website uses Spotify’s Web Playback SDK and their official APIs to handle login and music playback. Those services are free-to-use for anyone and no data about your account is sent to the developer.

“Can I play music with a free account?”

Sorry, but you need a Premium account to use the Spotify integration

“Will the alarm ring if I close the tab/browser?”

It won’t! At the moment - as far as I know - there is no way to keep a timer running while a website is closed. However, if you close the page by accident, don’t worry!. Your Alarm will be saved for 15 minutes.

“Does it work offline?”

At the moment, you can ‘install’ Relaxing Clock as an app and launch it from the Windows start menu or pin it on the taskbar, but it does not work offline. I will probably add this feature in the future. . .

“I found a big BUG!”

Sad :(

But you can open an issue on Github! Also, if you are a bit geecky, the console logs are quite explicit and could help me and you to figure out what is going wrong. You can press F12 to launch the console in almost every major browser.

Alternatively, you can send me an email!

(this is a spam prevention)

I will try to reply ASAP

It says “Connect from your PC”. Why?

Currently, Spotify does not support music playback on smartphones and tablets.

Altought it could work on some modern phones, Relaxing Clock does a simple check of the User Agent of your browser to make sure you won’t run into issues by logging in from an unsupported device; however, this check might fail if you enable Desktop Mode on your smartphone or by some extentions of your Browser.

Please, before reporting any issue, disable any browser add-ons that could interfere.

“Can I play other playlists?”

You can use your smartphone to select the music and the playlist you want to play on Relaxing Clock, but by default (at least for now), it will play the relaxing music. I will propably add a playlist selector in the future :)